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Premier League stars rely on ex undercover police Mark Bowden as psychological

PREMIER LEAGUE stars are turning to a former undercover police to help them in their line of responsibility on the pitch.

Mark Bowden invested his early profession busting some of the most harmful organised criminal activity gangs in the country.

However the young boy in blue is now a sports psychological efficiency coach– and has the Prem’s elite queuing up to engage his services.

Bowden firmly insists techniques utilized by Unique Branch officers are precisely what players require to maximize their professions.

And he claims he might have conserved West Ham a big hit on Sebastien Haller last summer season.

Bowden informed SunSport: “I was a covert operative with the serious organised crime agency up in London. I spent about 10 years dealing with different operations.

” The crossover looks a big modification but it’s not– due to the fact that when you know how the brain works, it does not matter what the stimulus to the stress is.

” At the end of the day, when I would be deployed in the field and leading operations on a few of the most significant criminal networks in the UK, when you’re out there, you’re carrying out to the very best you can perhaps carry out in an extremely demanding scenario.

” A footballer needs to do exactly the exact same thing, perform in an extremely- pressurised scenario.

” Every time these gamers aren’t carrying out to their finest, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with capability– and everything to do with what’s going on inside their brain.

” If we are in the incorrect part of the brain, I call it the red brain, it dulls down the sensory cortex.

” The sensory cortex is responsible for our awareness and acknowledging our environment, so we miss out on the runs of the opposition or our team-mates.

” But it likewise builds down the motor cortex.

” So all those automatic instincts that we have of a footballer controlling a ball without even thinking of it, all that now starts to break down.

” Simply the way you believe, the way you move or what you’re focusing upon, you release chemicals.

” And those chemicals can be performance-destroying. Or they can be, as I say to my gamers, the naturally-occurring, performance-enhancing chemicals we can actually produce in our brain.

” This will offer us more energy, more natural focus and permit our motor works to carry out to the best of our abilities.”


Bowden now has a waiting list of players desperate to deal with him, after word of mouth spread out around the game following the impact he has actually made with stars– some of whom are Premier League winners and experienced internationals.

They approach him by means of direct message on Instagram or through his Fearless Footballer app, wanting to find an edge to develop their video game in a way the majority of clubs ignore.

The former cop states he is stunned clubs still ignore the mental side of the video game– and declares he might have conserved West Ham a fortune if he had the ability to deal with Ivory Coast forward Haller, who they cost a ₤ 17million loss to Ajax last summertime.

And Bowden added: “The number of clubs can honestly say they invest? And the number of really are simply gambling?

” They get a gamer in and they’re attempting to get him in the peak physical way of having the ability to play. But they do really little to aid with what’s going on inside their brain.

” The brain hates change, since it’s a danger. And then we enter into that way of thinking.

” So a gamer can be found in, anticipates to be able to shine like he did at his previous club, but how many times do we see that?

” Sebastien Haller is a prime example. He lost West Ham about ₤ 20m in 18 months.

” If you take a look at him, there was no injury or anything. His capability was unquestionable. And there was absolutely nothing incorrect with his capability.

” However it was his ability to reveal it on the pitch that wasn’t. That is 100 per cent down to his brain.

” And if I was dealing with Haller, then I would have saved them at least ₤ 20m.

” I state a minimum of, because then it is not a case of how much do they drop, or stopping them from dropping– it is about the improvements they in fact make.”

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