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Lanistar Offers First 100,000 Customers a Share within the Company

Things are changing rapidly at Lanistar. Customers are occupying centre attention. New and existing customers are getting to determine how the online bank is run via their feedback. And the management is giving business clients more say in the bank and in their business world. Lanistar bank, which is set to launch in the new year, will be offering the first 100,000 customers a share within the company, and this is good news that can transform the lives of any entrepreneur for good if any business customer would act fast.

The opportunity to own a share within a company means the opportunity to become co-owner of the company. With Lanistar’s plans to offer the first 100,000 customers a share within the company, new clients can look forward to participating more in the affairs of the company and helping with the direction the organization should take. Although there are terms and conditions that must be fulfilled, the management is still keeping these close to their chest until the right moment to unwrap everything.

This initiative goes to prove that Lanistar online bank is a fintech organization with a human face. The online bank wants to give potential customers a hand in the way the organization is managed, and this will go a long way to making the bank a market leader in the industry. Since it will largely be made up of numerous business organizations run by industry experts, the emerging internet bank will be best poised to meet the needs of business ventures in the coming years.

Lanistar is all about 100% satisfaction guarantee for its numerous customers, and the bank continues to invest in innovative technologies that will give customers an edge in their respective businesses. The internet bank aims to provide a perfect platform for all B2B and B2C transactions regardless of the amount and size, with everything manageable from a single account. What this means is that with a single account, customers can run the whole gamut of financial transactions ranging from cryptocurrencies to forex to payment transfers and travel money among others.

The bank is striving to meet the needs of customers regardless of their niche business, giving every business the opportunity to grow and expand beyond borders. It does not matter whether a customer is into shipping or transportation or even general sales, the bank has the financial and social infrastructure to help customers grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. To get started on expanding your business or becoming eligible to become a shareholder with Lanistar online bank, you must register an account with them first and provide all necessary documentations.

Lanistar thrives on an online banking platform that provides customers with –

  • Real-time account updating
  • Online authorization to reduce financial frauds
  • Instant account opening process with hassle-free KYC
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and secure platform
  • 99% uptime and never a downtown in network accessibility
  • Robust disaster recovery plan in place
  • Open and scalable system for API portfolio integration
  • Cloud-based platform for greater access and security





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