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Review – First five-seater supercar the Lamborghini Urus is beautiful show-off

Lamborghini is often credited with creating the world’s first supercar, the Mirua.

Back in 1964, its two-seated mid-engined arrangement probably seemed utterly bonkers, but its design set the standard for high performance sports and supercars of the future.

Fast-forward more than half a century later, it’s probably no surprise the Italians have come up with something that on paper today sounds absolutely ridiculous, but may shape the future: the world’s first Supercar SUV, the Urus.

Yes, that’s right, the world’s first five-seater supercar – an SUV that cannot just drive fast uphill but wallows in driving on sand, soil, snow and any other surface you can think to challenge it with.

I don’t think I can remember any other car throwing up so many questions when I first told friends and colleagues about getting my hands on a Super-SUV for a few days.

That looks as bonkers as it sounds
(Image: Free From pr)

With the Urus’ price tag starting from £159,925, you may yourself already be wondering what kind of person would risk getting a scratch on their supercar driving it off road?

Moreover, with the ability to do 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds, who needs an SUV to go that fast?

And doing an average 23 miles to the gallon, you may reasonably be wondering exactly how many petrol stations there are up a mountain?

Or more fundamentally, you may even be wondering whether the fastest SUV money can buy really can really justify the supercar name?

It averages 23 miles to the gallon
(Image: Free From pr)
But it’s a beautiful beast
(Image: Mirror Online)

Of course, the term Super-SUV was always bound to upset the ‘purests’ who will argue this isn’t even a proper Lamborghini let alone a supercar. But if you stop to think about it, this brattier, younger brother is far more practical to drive than its prettier older sisters – and has a lot more to offer than being the world’s first supercar that can cope with potholes.

Call it whatever you want, I am about to stun you with a startling fact: the Urus now accounts for 60% – more than half – of all Lamborghini sales worldwide. That’s some clever business.

Why? Because you can do a hell of a more in it than your average supercar.

you can do a hell of a more in it than your average supercar
(Image: Getty Images)

Its success is no doubt in part down to sharing the same platform as the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. It’s powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 with an eight-speed automatic gearbox which produces a whopping 641bhp.

All this means that despite weighing 2.2-tonnes, the Urus it can really shift, with a top speed of 189mph. But more importantly, it blends comfort and off-ability into a seductive mix.

Yes, that’s right, I loved it.

We took it for a weekend away to the Cotswolds and while at times it felt like driving a luxury super-fast tank, it won me over.

At times it feels like driving a luxury super-fast tank
(Image: Getty Images)

This is a big car. You sit slightly lower in it than most SUVs and that delivers a real feeling of security sat behind the wheel. There is plenty of room in the rear seats and the boot is a decent size for any family planning a trip away or that has to haul a lot of luggage around on a daily basis.

The interior is bathed in gorgeous leather and if you weren’t already feeling power crazed enough sat behind the beguiling array of switches for different modes on offer, the ignition has a funky missile launcher-style cover you have to flick up to start the engine.

Who wouldn’t enjoy having this parked on your driveway?
(Image: Mirror Online)

More importantly the Urus really shifted on straight roads, stuck like glue to every bend and ran up hills like an excited child racing to a sweet shop. I particularly delighted with how it entered every curve with seemingly pinpoint precision and emerged from them with a big grin on its face.

And speaking of grins – it brought a smile to everybody who did a double take and gawped on spotting it out and about. Which is a first for any other SUV I have driven.

Imagine having this in your garage
(Image: Mirror Online)

The off-road package includes reinforced stainless steel bumpers, brushed steel exhaust tips and the ability to raise the car higher to lift it over ambitious obstacles. Get behind the wheel and you can only dream of what it must be like to take this for a spin over sand dune.

Of course, most people that buy this car are probably never going to take as much as near a blade of grass let alone off road. But then most of those people will probably be happy in the knowledge those options are there should they need them.

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If you love an adventurous lifestyle and have the money, then this car could be the one for you.

If you love showing off to the other mums and dads on the school run, this is definitely the car for you.

Because, let me tell you, after a few days behind the wheel of this car, I want one.

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