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Mum shares simple two minute hack to remove chewing gum from children’s hair

Many children love chewing gum but it can become a nightmare for parents if it gets in the wrong places.

Carpets and furniture can require big cleaning jobs, but perhaps even worse is when little ones get it stuck in their own hair.

But one mum has shared a helpful bit of advice she was given to tackle the problem – and others say it works “every time”.

Marnie Pollock was shocked when her three-year-old daughter nabbed a packet of gum when she wasn’t watching and got a large chunk stuck in her hair.

She left peanut butter on her daughter’s hair for two minutes
(Image: FAcebook)

Turning to a parenting group on Facebook, she appealed for help after initially fearing she would have to cut the matted mess out with scissors.

But Marnie was inundated with advice to make use of a rather unlikely substance most of us will already have at home – peanut butter.

The mum applied two spoonfuls of the spread and let it sit in her daughter’s hair for two minutes before gently brushing it through and washing it as normal.

It worked wonders
(Image: FAcebook)

Marnie was left “surprised” at how well the trick had worked and shared photos of the process on Facebook, thanking others for coming to the rescue, as reported by The Sun.

The oils in the peanut butter is thought to loosen the gum from the dry strands of hair, making it easier to remove.

One commented: “Peanut butter works every time. Been there, done that more than once.”

Advice for parents

Another said: “These remedies are insane, I sometimes think how did someone figure out that peanut butter would get gum out of hair!”

Some suggested using mayonnaise, coconut oil and olive oil to get similar results.

Others said rubbing ice on the gum can harden it and allow it to slide off, and another said the acidity of a cola fizzy drink also works wonders.

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