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Mum isn’t homeschooling as it’s ‘boring’ and she wants her kids to become famous

For the last few months, parents across the UK have been homeschooling their little ones while staying home during lockdown.

But one mum is refusing to educate her children from home each day as she thinks books are “boring” and can’t be bothered.

Carla Bellucci, a former glamour model who hit headlines last year after claiming she had faked depression to get a £7,000 nose job on the NHS, lets her kids to focus on making videos for TikTok instead of writing essays.

The mum-of-three from Hertfordshire says she wants her children to become social media famous and will encourage them to go on Love Island in the future instead of getting jobs as lawyers.

Carla, Tanisha and Jayden
(Image: Carla Bellucci / SWNS)

Speaking to The Sun, the 38-year-old admitted than her daughter Tanisha, 15 and son Jayden, 12, sleep in until around 10am each day and are spending lockdown playing video games and posing for Instagram photos.

She said: “The only thing Tanisha has read since lockdown is Instagram updates and the only maths she’s done is working out how many more followers she’s got on Instagram.

“She’s not interested in school work and I’m not going to push her.”

She explained that her motto when it comes to homeschooling is “why bother”, adding that if teachers “can’t be bothered” to run lessons on Zoom, she’s not going to run lessons either.

The mum encourages them to focus on social media not books
(Image: SWNS)

The parent believes that the way her children are spending this time is much more valuable.

“I decided my kids were going to use this time to focus on becoming famous and helping me with my career by taking snaps of me.

“I don’t care they haven’t done a scrap of home learning since lockdown was called.

“They have become more self-confident and focussed their goals on being TikTok, YouTube or Insta stars and that’s a proper career and where the money is.”

Carla went on to describe her kids as being “bright, but not book smart” and added that she thought “books are for boring people”.

The mum’s idea of lessons during this time, include teaching Tanisha how to put on makeup and wear hair extensions to “look good” in photos.

The pair also spend a lot of time sunbathing together.

Meanwhile Jayden wants to become a professional gamer or actor, so his days are passed playing video games or binge-watching Netflix.

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Carla is aware that some people might think allowing this makes her a bad parent, but she disagrees.

She told The Sun: “I am a fantastic mum and I know what my kids want.

“Wasting time home-schooling will get us no were.

“I have no regrets and don’t care what people think; they are just jealous.”

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