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Best vitamin D supplements to try now

Unlike a lot of the vitamins we take as part of a healthy and balanced diet, vitamin D is a little different compared to the others as there are several ways we can get a boost.

It’s widely known as the sunshine vitamin, as exposure to sunlight helps us to naturally produce vitamin D, as do foods that are high in vitamin d like some dairy products and fatty fishes.

Vitamin D is important for many body processes, including encouraging healthy and strong bone growth and development and supporting the immune system.

The amount of vitamin D required ill vary from person to person, for more information on how much you’ll need – check out this NHS webpage.

The good news is, there’s a rage of products available online that will help you to add those all important vitamins and minerals to your diet.

We’ve found some of the best buys online in our roundup below.


Best vitamin D supplements to try now

1. Vitamin D3 Softgels

Vitamin D3 Softgels

These soft gel tablets from My Protein are a great option for anyone who has trouble taking or ingesting hard capsules.

Take one soft gel a day, preferably with a meal to reap the benefits including good muscle function, normal immune levels and calcium absorption.

In each bottle you’ll get 180 capsules, which is a complete steal for under £8.

Price: £7.49, My Protein – buy here now

2. Vitabiotics Peppa Pig Vitamin D Soft Jellies

Vitabiotics Peppa Pig Vitamin D Soft Jellies

If you’ve got little ones at home who are lacking in vitamin D, they’re probably not likely to be thrilled about taking a capsule, but it might help if they were Peppa Pig shaped.

These soft jelly supplements from Vitabiotics are designed for children between 3-7 years old and contain the optimal amount of vitamin D as recommended by the Department of Health for Young Children.

The supplements are suitable for vegans and have a tasty strawberry flavour that’s pleasant for their daily intake.

Price: £6.95, Amazon – buy here now

3. Solgar Vitamin D3

Solgar Vitamin D3

Solgar’s Vitamin D3 vegetable capsules are a premium formula that delivers the sunshine vitamin straight to the easiest place for optimal absorption.

It’s got quite a high UI count, which is perfect for those who are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.

Price: £16.90, Amazon – buy here now

4. Holland & Barrett Omega Plus D3

Holland & Barrett Omega Plus D3

These Omega Plus D3 capsules from Holland and Barret are a great blend to introduce into your daily regime to support healthy functions.

They contain 360mg of active EPA/DHA with 25µg of Vitamin D3. EPA and DHA are high in Omega-3, which are the fatty acids commonly found in fish oils.

These fatty acids combined with D3 help the vitamin to properly absorb and in turn contribute to healthy brain and heart function, as well as muscle growth.

Price: £19.99, Holland and Barrett – buy here now

5. Baby D Drops Liquid Vitamin D3

Baby D Drops Liquid Vitamin D3

Give your baby a dose of sunshine in a convenient formula that’s even easier to administor.

Baby D Drops is a liquid formula, administered via one daily drop. The product has been specially designed for breastfed babies and features the recommended amount of vitamin D (400 IU) per drop.

Price: £10, Boots – buy here now

6. Botanycl Vegan Vitamin D3

Botanycl Vegan Vitamin D3

If you’re a vegan, you may be finding it difficult to find a vitamin D supplement that isn’t sourced from sheep’s wool or fish eggs.

Botanycl’s vitamin D3 supplement is made from lichen, making it 100% suitable for vegans and one of the only known vegan-appropriate sources of vitamin D out there.

Price: £17.95, Botanycl – buy here now

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7. Natures Aid Vitamin D3 Drops

Natures Aid Vitamin D3 Drops

For little ones aged from newborn to five years old, these vitamin drops from Nature’s Aid is a great way to administer the supplement to even the fussiest child.

The pipette applicator is perfect for slipping the required dose into food or beverages. Each drop provides the children’s recommended vitamin D dose for a day of 400 IU, so you can be sure they’re getting the optimal and safe amount.

Price: £5.19, Amazon – buy here now

8. Holland & Barrett Vitamin D3

Holland & Barrett Vitamin D3

You’ll get a whopping 250 capsules per bottle in this Vitamin D3 supplement from Holland and Barrett.

The supplement is suitable for vegetarians and contains 1000 IU per capsule, which is a good amount to take to reach health vitamin D levels in a blood test.

One capsule daily is all you’ll need to maintain good bone and muscle function, as well as keeping your immune system in tip top condition.

Price: £18.49, Holland and Barrett – buy here now


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